Tofino Towel Co. X Gentle Fawn – The Arrow


Gentle Fawn has teamed up with Tofino Towel Co. to create a limited-edition towel


When it comes to brands, it doesn’t get much more West Coast than Gentle Fawn and Tofino Towel Co.

One brand creates effortless clothing options for style-conscious women, while the other offers quirky round towels with eye-catching prints that are perfect for the coastal lifestyle. And what they both do is capture the trademark relaxed yet fashion-forward aesthetic of B.C.

Lisa Mitchell, the wholesale marketing manager for Gentle Fawn reveals how (and why) the two brands recently teamed up to showcase their trademark tastes with a limited-edition towel release.


Q. How did this collaboration come about?

We had recently wrapped up a charity-aligned product collaboration, which was a huge success in terms of Gentle Fawn raising money for an amazing cause and providing a coveted product that really resonated with the Gentle Fawn consumer. On the heels of those successes and to keep the momentum going, we knew we wanted to explore another collaboration by choosing a complementary brand that would accompany what we already provide. Tofino Towel was on our radar and we believed together we could build on the reputation and brand loyalty of another in creating an incredible product, which based on the consumer reaction to date, we trust we have.

Q. What makes the two brands so complementary to one another?

GF Lighthouse C2_95

A. Both Gentle Fawn and Tofino Towel are lifestyle brands promoting a zest for the West Coast way of life; we encourage you to consciously slow down, be present in the moment and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Our girl is a quiet beauty with a free spirit and a creative soul. Through both Gentle Fawn and Tofino Towel social media channels, we take a holistic approach in telling our brand story and connecting with our customers.

Q. What can you share about the philanthropic angle to this release. What can you share about that?

A. Tofino Towel believes in a philanthropic and sustainable approach to doing business therefore they practice the 1 per cent model. At the end of each year, 1 per cent of their profits are donated to various charities and organizations like Strawberry Isle Marine Research Society in Tofino. They, along with Gentle Fawn, also donate a fair amount of product throughout the year to silent auctions and other charitable causes that resonate with their company.

Q. The new towel looks like the ultimate accessory for fun — and fashionable — summer adventures. Any inventive ways to use this towel besides as, well, a towel?

A. We feel the Gentle Fawn & Tofino Towel’s are not only the perfect round beach towels, but also serve as the ideal home décor compliment, a bed throw, or added interest to any outdoor living space. Other uses would include; a round picnic towel, yoga mat or meditation platform.

Q. What is the price of the new towel?

A. $99.99.

Q. Where can shoppers check it out?

A. Online at and And in stores in the Lower Mainland including Bella and Wren, Hunni’s, Nicholas Randall, Get Dressed and The Boardroom.

Q. Lastly, what’s next for the brand. Any other collaborations in the works?

A. We’ve got some pretty awesome collaborations in the works that we can’t wait to share, but you’ll have to stay tuned! For now, we have two incredible designs with Tofino Towel — the Arrow Towel, and soon to drop, the Coast Towel available mid April.

Free Flowing Connectedness – The Circle

There are many different shapes in the universe but for some reason circles have mesmerized humans more so than any other shape throughout the existence of mankind.

Ancient Greek’s believed the circle was the ideal shape. To the Greeks the circle was a symbol of the marvelous symmetry and balance in nature.

Round Towel Blog 2Today circles are equally symbolically important – In religion, yoga and meditation based practices, circles are routinely used to represent harmony and unity. Circles by nature encourage an environment of profound connectedness and free flowing continuous motion. Some people report that circles bring a certain calmness and relaxation to them.

At Tofino Towel Co. our entire mantra is Practicing the “Aloha” way of life. We encourage you to consciously slow down, be present in the moment and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. We inspire you to connect with Mother Nature and the people around you. The circle by nature is consistent with everything we stand for at Tofino Towel Co. Free flowing uninterrupted connectedness with your surroundings.

As a fun activity for your next outdoor adventure, take the time to look around and see how many circles you can see. It’s more than likely, you have never stopped to ponder about them, but circles are all over the place and they really are fascinating as well as beautiful.

Spring has Sprung on the Westcoast – Get out there and Explore!

With a warm sunny start to spring on Vancouver Island, we encourage you to take the time to go exploring and get connected with Mother Nature and the people around you. Load up the car with some of your favorite things and take a day-cation putting your work away for the day. Take the time to notice the small beautiful things in life and laugh with each other like kids playing at the schoolyard playground.

The Long Beach White Edition #4

These day trips are essential to help us unwind. Make the time for these outings and appreciate the fresh sea air and sound of waves while learning to break things down to the simplest form. True happiness comes from the people and environment we are surrounded by.

Get in your car or jump on your bike and just go somewhere and explore all along the way. Don’t set any kind of agenda just go and stop when something peeks your interest and enjoy it for what it is.

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, Let’s Party!” – Robin Williams