Premium Turkish Blankets / Throws

Our Premium Turkish Blankets are generous in size and provide the perfect platform for you and a few of your best mates to enjoy the el fresco lifestyle. All of our Turkish blankets are hand loomed using only the highest quality natural fibers. They’re perfect for the beach, picnic, fitness, home interior or even baby and there’s always room for one to fit in your suitcase when packing for your next trip.

Our Premium Turkish Blankets are made using eco-friendly methods and all natural organic materials and dyes. They’re compact, quick drying and great at shedding sand, both off the blanket and your skin. Our traditional hand loomed manufacturing process makes everyone of our blankets truly unique. Similar to a fine wine, our premium organic cotton gets better with age. The more you use and wash our blankets the softer and more luxurious they become. The organic cotton we use for our Turkish blankets is naturally resistant to molds and mildews, due to its inherent anti-microbial properties. With the correct care, your new Premium Turkish Blanket will be around for many memorable adventures to come.

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